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It is no secret that the world is experiencing a water crisis. Most of us experience the climate emergency in various forms, like droughts, flooding, and pollution, yet water is frequently left out of global discussions. People's negligence and lack of awareness only add to the problem.

This is where #runblue comes into the picture!


The #runblue initiative encourages businesses and motivates individuals worldwide to come together to spread awareness, generate urgency, and spur action around water.

With the realization that our worldwide water consumption will be 40% greater than our availability by 2030, the #runblue initiative plays a critical leadership role in helping to solve the water crisis.


Mina Guli, water advocate, ultramarathon runner, and the founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization named Thirst Foundation, is dedicated to alleviating the global water crisis. To raise awareness about water scarcity and conservation, Mina is running 200 marathons worldwide.

Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, RUN BLUE aims to help companies enhance their usage of water through various water assessment tools like 6 for 6, WWF, risk filters and much more.

With sustainable efforts RUN BLUE is trying to bring about a systemic change which is both good for you and the planet.

Join in the efforts! #RunBlue with us!

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Bayer's Role

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A Difference

Bayer's commitment to sustainable growth involves protecting all natural resources, including water.

Water is essential to a healthy lifestyle, so, until the UN Waters Conference in March 2023, ultramarathon runner and environmental activist Mina Guli plans to complete 200 marathons globally. Bayer is joining her campaign, RUN BLUE, as a campaign partner to assist in resolving the water crisis.

Bayer’s Commitment

Our commitment to protect and use water responsibly is expressed in our corporate water position. Bayer is committed to ensure good water management in all relevant sites as well as promoting meaningful water initiatives on a global level.

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Bayer is a global leader in agricultural innovation. Bayer's “Science for a better life” and commitment towards sustainable development help achieve a high quality of life on a healthy planet.

Nearly 70% of the world's freshwater usage, utilized mainly for irrigation, comes from the agricultural sector. Bayer sees it as both an opportunity and a responsibility to work with farmers and other stakeholders to provide the solutions necessary to make farms more productive and water-efficient.

Bayer works towards protecting water resources and water use-efficiency by improving their own operations, engaging suppliers, developing innovative solutions and supporting community projects.

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